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About us

Hello there! Or should we say trrrk, trrrk! for all those who have the writer’s bug somewhere in them? We believe that everyone, and especially children, certainly do have this bug, and it constantly itches them to tell stories, paint, act and to keep exploring their creative powers to the fullest. We ourselves were smitten so badly by it, about two years ago, that we started an organisation by its name!

We began as a group of voracious readers who wished to foster the love for reading and writing. As our feelers danced about our heads with imaginative sparks (thanks to all the tea we’d consumed), we were soon able to accomplish this by launching The Junior Writer’s Bug Literary Festival, in 2012. While we have grown to a forum of enthusiastic facilitators coming from a variety of disciplines—art, photography, puppeteering and film—our focus has been on developing creative, literary and life skills in children. We desire to enable children, through art, to express themselves, explore the world and become members of a society that is in tune with its soul. This is our virtual home. We hope that we will have the opportunity to, umm, rub our feelers with yours sometime soon! Buzzz, buzzz!