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The Junior Writer's Bug Festival

The Junior Writer's Bug Festival was launched in April 2012, as an annual event, to bring a wide range of exciting activities to children in the medium of art, writing, music, puppetry, dance and storytelling. Children from the age of 2 to 14 years participate in fun and engaging workshops conducted by specialists in each field. And when they are not soaking in the workshop frolic, they can try their hand at a variety of other activities like pottery and board games.

While the kids are having a blast, parents can use the opportunity to interact with educators and writers to stay updated on new methodologies being implemented in schools and learn about the latest children's literature emerging out of India. The Festival, organised in an open space, has a “fun-n-fair” atmosphere, which means there is something interesting to partake of wherever you are in the venue: you are bound not to miss the dance and drama performances if you are in the central hub area and if you are near the bookstore kiosk, you could get some of the best children's books signed by the authors.

The Junior Writer's Bug Festival is a thoroughly enriching experience for both children and adults because they rediscover how to have fun. So come along and join us in this experience!